Senior Digital Producer

Are you a 'cup half full' type?

June 2022

Satellite create a wide variety of exceptional digital projects for a comparatively short list of customers with high expectations. If there's one role that enables all the pieces to come together on these projects it's the Senior Digital Producer. You'll have ownership of your projects and have a team of highly skilled designers and developers at your disposal to get them done!

Our ideal candidate will have project management experience taking complex digital projects from concept to delivery on schedule and on budget (and you'll be very familiar with that phrase).

You'll maintain a cool demeanour under pressure and manage your own time to effectively keep up with the pace of our environment... and you'll have a broad, confident understanding of digital technologies.

When you produce a project, you're responsible for getting it done. You know the detail and you care the most about delivering it well. If any of the team have questions, you have the answers (or you know where to get them). If there's any issues, you solve them (or you know who to speak to, to get them solved).

A digital project team can involve a lot of moving parts and you really are the glue holding it all together.

Your skills and background will have given you the experience to prepare all manner of documentation (creative digital briefs, SOWs, project plans, high-level requirements, functional specs, timelines) and the ability to knock out a set of wireframes, flow charts or scamps to help illustrate the solution.

Great communication and teamwork are essential, you'll be working with a team of digital producers and account directors, and they all work closely to make sure everybody is getting the resource they need to deliver their projects.

You'll get bonus points for any extra (relevant) skills you might have... Photoshop, SEO, Design, UX, Analytics/Tag Manager, eDMs, SEM, Editing, Copy Writing, Content Management, User Testing... or anything else?

If your skills and interests align with this description, applying for this exciting, challenging role could be the best decision you've ever made.

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