Senior PHP / Symfony Developer

what an opportunity!

January 2019

Want your stellar talent as a Senior PHP Developer to be recognised at a leading software development agency?

Cool, that’s what we need.

PHP/Symfony3 skills are a must. Are you someone with a variety of skills and a portfolio of projects and experience to demonstrate:

  • Excellent knowledge of modern PHP frameworks and development tools (Composer, Symfony3) along with solid experience using Sonata Admin, FOSuser and FOSRest bundles and the like 
  • Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Design principles
  • Excellent knowledge of MYSQL and SQLlite and CouchDB and Redis
  • Excellent knowledge of JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3
  • Experience with Angular2 or React or both or NodeJS
  • Experience developing efficient, well-structured web based applications
  • Experience with version control systems such as GIT, actually only GIT

Ok, you may not have all of that knowledge and experience – we’re realistic… but if you have some or most of it, we’d love to meet you. Satellite's a great place to work with quality customers requiring interesting solutions, gadgets, experiments, excitement and ice-cream. We even have an R&D lab and our own bar.

At Satellite you'll get exposure to a huge range and variety of projects and technologies.

We're looking to hire now, so you'll need to be in NZ and available for an interview now.

Salary is negotiable depending on experience.


Apply Now

Instead of a cover letter that you don't really want to write anyway, send your CV now, but make sure there are plenty of URLs of your work that we can click about on. Even better add a link to your Github account where we can see your code.

Email us at: