Digital Signage

Digital signage offers so many advantages for businesses. It's incredibly flexible, allowing businesses to quickly update information and promotions in multiple stores across different locations, ensuring a consistent and up-to-date message.

Businesses can customise their content based on the specific audience in each store, making campaigns more effective and boosting brand recognition and loyalty by maintaining a cohesive brand identity.

Beyond visual appeal; it also provides valuable data on customer interactions, helping you make smarter marketing decisions and build stronger customer relationships.

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How Satellite DSM Works

Our DSM (Digital Signage Manager) is a web based service that allows your company to remotely control its digital signage content through an easy to use system. The headless CMS is designed to manage all areas of digital media within a retail environment; across all your stores in real time.

The Satellite DSM is a single instance product that can be run to manage as many countries, regions, stores and screens as required. Through this central solution, it offers huge economies of scale. The solution allows for segmentation by region or store and content can be loaded based on day or time scheduling rules. It's a central online work space, where all the content is managed and the Satellite DSM Player Application, which plays back media in stores based on the decisions made in the central work space.

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DSM Features

Easy to use
The Satellite DSM is a simple interface that is logical and intuitive to use.

Full creative control
The Satellite DSM is built to allow full design customisation of the content, giving the customer creative freedom with their digital signage products. Templates are used when required and appropriate, but the Satellite DSM gives the customer the widest possible options.

The Satellite DSM provides full scheduling control. Campaigns/advertisements can be set times to start and finish automatically, as well as scheduling campaigns to play on day parts – such as morning, day and night.

Play listing stores, regions & territories
The Satellite DSM has the flexibility to playlist campaign media down to a store level, or stores can be grouped into categories like regions or type. Campaign playlists can be very quickly assigned to each store.

Pull mechanism
The Satellite DSM Player Application automatically pulls information and campaign media, meaning the solution requires no intervention at a store level. The DSM Player Application also automatically updates itself when required.

The Satellite DSM gathers full reporting back from each store and presents reports based on activity. Reporting covers such things as advertisement plays based on plays & airtime (providing accountability back to partners/advertisers) as well as custom reporting for all interactive media.

The Satellite DSM is configured to send alerts when stores fail to connect for their updates. Alerts can also be triggered when screens are turned off (screen networking dependant).

Store level access
Each store is also given access to limited functionality in the Satellite DSM if required. The store can be notified when campaigns are assigned to their store that require them to update store specific content.

Dynamic Sources
Content can also be updated via dynamic sources if required – news, stock, exchange rates etc. If dynamic data sources are available, this can minimise content management time and ensure screens are always up to date.