Satellite Office Newmarket

A digital innovation company

We develop the space between your idea and creative reality. Whatever the future of your business looks like — we’re already there working on it.

As a digital innovation company who does web development and app development; a software development studio that also makes television and branded content; an event activations studio that creates and supplies event technology solutions to big New Zealand events; and a retail solutions agency rolling out to major cities all over the world.



Satellite began in 1998 and has grown to forty talented employees. Our core competencies are the design, build and operation of digital marketing and communications solutions. We’re a premier innovation and event technology agency specialising in concept to completion digital solutions. Connecting businesses to consumers through unique user experiences.

You could say, if you think it — we’ll make it happen.


Satellite will work with you to get a full understanding of the problem or challenge. Once we’ve become as close to the project as you are, we’re in the best place to start working through what the solution could look like.

We’ll outline your options in terms of the technology, business requirements, features and functionality we could develop, and once agreed we can accurately quote and plan a project timeline.

A production company at heart

Our flexible schedule, fun and collaborative environment, and dedicated team enables us to create outstanding creative work... with heart!

We understand our customers

We focus on partnerships and collaboration, returning solutions that make business sense.

Balance of speed, quality and cost

We work smart, understanding how to achieve the best solution on time and on budget.

Build in the cloud and on any platform

We have the depth and breadth of expertise to help you identify the right strategy for your business.

Focus on innovation and rapid/agile processes

Our project management style allows for fluidity within each project while maintaining efficiency.

Interpret and tell a story

We understand the importance of a well crafted story — taking your customers on a journey that is meaningful to your brand.