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The Satellite Tag platform provides a framework to deliver dynamic experiences. It has been used by a wide range of personalised web, mobile, retail & event projects and specialises in conferences, showcases, exhibitions, consumer activations and music festivals, and has been used by major brands including Spark, Coca-Cola, Fonterra, ASB, Microsoft, Google, Telstra and Te Papa and Auckland Museum as well as the New Zealand Government. 


About Satellite Tag

Satellite Tag is designed to create a streamlined, innovative and elegant user experience.

We use smart technology to add value to and improve the overall experience. Satellite Tag builds data on users and their journey.

Satellite Tag provides the ability to produce elegant designs. Creative for websites, mobile & real-world activations is not constrained.

Satellite Tag provides significant capability out of the box that provides projects a fast start & re-use.

The platform is underpinned by a flexible data model, which means it can tailored to any solution. Satellite Tag is delivered in the cloud with commercial scale & security.

Contact us for a demo. We'd love to discuss your project and show how Satellite Tag can support. 



Satellite specialises in NFC and RFID technology. We uses NFC (in wristbands, lanyards etc) to create engaging experiences and build data. 


We use our NFC technology to assist with checking into rooms (to record attendance numbers); Tagging into a Sponsors or Exhibitors to provide lead generation or data exchange; Unlocking or activating other technology at the event, like mutli-player games/quizzes; Run cashless events (Tags can be loaded with credit); Allow VIP access to special areas; Or any other innovative uses like adding a points system to gamify your event.


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