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Satellite Tag

Satellite offer a live experience platform called Satellite Tag.

The platform has been used by a wide range of events - conferences, showcases, exhibitions, consumer activations and music festivals, and has been used by major brands including Spark Digital, Coca-Cola, Fonterra, ASB, Microsoft, Google, Telstra and Te Papa and Auckland Museum. 

Satellite Tag's designed to:

- Create a streamlined, innovative and elegant delegate experience
- Build data on the attendees and their experience
- Use technology to add value to and improve the overall live experience
- Provide ease of connection between exhibitors, sponsors or vendors and delegates

Satellite work closely with event organisers to deliver event technology solutions.


Satellite specialise in NFC and RFID technology. Satellite uses NFC (in wristbands, lanyards etc) to create engaging experiences and build data. 

  • Checking into rooms (to record attendance numbers)

  • Tagging into a Sponsors or Exhibitors to provide lead generation or data exchange

  • Unlocking or activating other technology at the event, like mutli-player games / quizzes

  • Tags can be loaded with credit, enabling you to run a cashless event

  • Allow VIP access to special areas

  • Or any other innovative use like adding a points system to gamify your event

Mobile Event Companion

Another feature of Satellite Tag is the personalised mobile companion site or app. Guests get sent an SMS or email containing a personalised link to their own mobile companion. This gives your guests access to a whole toolbox of options. Things like their event ticket/access, event schedule, key event information, ordering coffee, checking a coat, asking questions, taking a quiz or survey, providing feedback... the list is endless. If you have other ideas we can make them happen too.

And all the interactions contribute to the analytics you'll get after the event. Helping you understand your event and guests better.

Sponsors' app

Will you have sponsors on display at your event? Provide them with our Sponsors' app (we supply the phones too), which they can use to capture personalised interest from guests about there products/services. It's like the modern version of dropping a business card on the table and saying 'Call me', except you also have detail about their specific interest.


Satellite can manage inviting guests to your event, enabling them to RSVP online, either with unique personalised invitations, or generic broadcast invites. We can capture further details via a registration page, or allow them to nominate guests.


One of the biggest benefits you'll get from using Satellite Tag at your event is the data. Satellite Tag captures all your guests' engagements at your event. Every time they swipe their wristband, or access their mobile companion, a record is stored in the database. After your event Satellite can provide you with all the data - giving you all the insights you need.

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