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Telstra Vantage RE/MIXED

The seventh annual Telstra Vantage event took place in October 2020. Due to the prevalence of Covid, Telstra Vantage RE/MIXED was created as a completely online virtual experience, compared to the usual live tour.

Tasked with being immersive, connected, and informative in equal parts it had to be as engaging as any preceding physical event. Whilst also being a platform with capability to maintain new and existing B2B relationships between tech specialists and their sponsors and vendors.


Satellite designed and built a multipurpose online event platform that delivered a seamless virtual experience for all stakeholders and attendees with a particular focus on eliciting connections and interactions between delegates.


Key to the success of the event was to provide a simple frontend registration process via a website with some key interest indicators. Partnered with a comprehensive backend solution this data was collected for attendance metrics and management of the event and virtual sessions. Conditional logic allowed for personalised recommendations for a user as to which sessions they should join.



Once registered, users could populate and manage a calendar that was linked to the full two-day interactive agenda. Choosing which virtual sessions they wished to attend. From live Q&A’s, keynote addresses, interactive polls, and feature presentations they were interested in.

The user’s bespoke calendar could also be populated with any breakout sessions they’d been invited to. This feature was specific to selected delegates and involved 1 to 1 meeting rooms, where a customer could have a 15 min session with a specialist via an embedded Webex (by Cisco) meet solution. Utilizing video conferencing, screen sharing, and cloud calling capacity. Built-in access control allowed the client to manage session invitations.

Live Streaming/Live Chat

An integral part of Telstra RE/MIXED was the Live Streaming component, consisting of 4 live streaming/OnDemand channels. These sessions and panel discussions were both informative and interactive across multiple streams with seamless user engagement at their core. This contributed to the event having the lowest ever drop-out rates from any previous iteration (physical or virtual). With an extremely high percentage of attendees returning to view OnDemand content from the thirty-eight key sessions post-event.


Delivery Outcomes

Forced to pivot to a solely online model for Telstra Vantage 2020, the barriers of physical logistics were removed with full concentration given to an all-encompassing virtual model with full engagement capability. This was delivered effectively by Satellite and other partners in an event that in many ways superseded the normal Telstra Vantage Live tour. The highly successful RE/MIXED version going forward is likely to feature as part of a hybrid model when the physical tour resumes.


Over three thousand virtual delegates attended the event and there were high levels of engagement with and between attendees and stakeholders  resulting in an overall resounding ‘big tick’ for the online virtual concept.

In this project

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