Toyota, Let’s Go Places

In 2022, Toyota launched their brand vision of ‘Let’s Go Places’, anchoring the company in line with its pathways of mobility, sustainability and community. Their vision was driven by a desire to create a better Aotearoa for all. Life is a journey and all Kiwis should enjoy their ride.

Over 60 Toyota stores across New Zealand would benefit from refreshed branding and new marketing initiatives. Satellite worked with Toyota’s marketing team and their brand activation agency Spur on this roll-out, delivering first in class digital experiences in-store.



Satellite worked with Toyota on a digital strategy and conceptual work, focused on delivering world class digital experiences in showrooms across New Zealand. 

The digital strategy brought to life the pillars of mobility, sustainability and community, through meaningful engagement with consumers. The experiences delivered the ‘Let’s Go Places’ brand vision, whilst also focused on enhancing service delivery and equipping sales staff with tools that pushed their vision forward, ahead of their competitors.  

A full user eco-system was produced, mapping out the consumer journey and digital touchpoints. Connected experiences from online to physical were fleshed out, with a focus on collaborative and flexible solutions that delivered a rich and immersive physical environment through the use of technology.




Digital Production

First to be delivered, was the ‘Let's Go Places’ Experience Hubs. Satellite was responsible for developing an interactive touchscreen application for consumers to discover the full ‘Let’s Go Places’ brand vision. 

It was a content rich application showcasing not only the great branded content around sustainability, mobility and safety, but also Toyota’s Brand Guardians, the fantastic Kiwi Guardians programme partnering with DOC, competitions for chances to win great prizes, including an experience for two on the Emirates Team New Zealand Hydrogen powered chase boat. Plus dynamic local content like local drives, events and weather. With a strong focus on community stories and initiatives, all stores could showcase their own news and events.

We collaborated with Toyota’s design agency Saatchi & Saatchi on the design and UX of the application, plus sourcing and presenting content.

Satellite developed the application in Unity, with a headless content management platform powered by Tag, Satellite’s live experience management platform. Tag also provides monitoring for all devices installed all over Aotearoa, a place for competition entries to be stored and powered the mobile experience.

Satellite also developed a static version of the Hub to over 60 stores. This allowed a huge number of Toyota stores to have the Let’s Go Places brand presence, when unable to install the full Experience Hub on site, ensuring the Let’s Go Places vision had national presence.


Technology Roll-Out & Install

Satellite was responsible for the sourcing and configuration of all hardware for the ‘Let’s Go Places’ Experience Hubs and screens to over 40 stores. We worked with Toyota’s brand partners on the install and in getting all experiences online and operational. 

Working with stores, local content is continually updated. Learnings from Analytics help enhance the experience ongoing, ensuring it remains fresh and on-topic and the Experience Hub continues to be a relevant source of brand engagement for sales staff and customers.


Continual Improvement

Toyota was built on the Japanese principle of Kaizen, which means continual improvement. With the initial roll out of the Experience Hubs delivered and receiving positive feedback, Toyota is on that journey to create further positive change within Aotearoa. We’re excited to be on this journey with them and for what is to come.


In this project

  • Digital Strategy
  • UX Design
  • Windows Application Development
  • Live Experience Technology
  • Install, build skills & support 
  • Reporting & analytics