Volkswagen launches the all-new Touareg

Volkswagen New Zealand needed an exciting way to bring the launch of the all-new Touareg to life. Using Satellite Tag we created an interactive sales tool for the Volkswagen team to use during the roadshow launch of the new SUV.


Interactive remote control

To showcase the information and features to potential buyers, we built both an iPad app and large touch screen app for users to interact with. The iPad app allowed the sales team to easily share content with their customers in real time, bringing the features of the Touareg to life, even when the vehicle wasn’t in the showroom.

It also allowed them to shift seamlessly from viewing content on the iPad screen to sending content up to the large touch screen, creating a fully immersive experience.

For each dealership the roadshow visited, the applications were set up with the specific dealership location and individual salesperson's details so all leads could be captured, tracked and followed through easily.


Customise your ride

To further enhance the experience, the apps also gave users the ability to customise a Touareg to their individual style and needs. The app allowed the user to change the vehicle model, exterior colour and wheels, then view the customisation as a 360° experience on either the iPad or via sending their customisations up to the big screen.

Save it

The most successful take away from the sales tool was that once the user had finished their customisation, the sales team were able to trigger a TXT message to the user that contained a link to their personalised mobi site. Here the user could view an image of their customised Touareg, read more about the features and find the contact details of their salesperson all in one place.

Lead generator

Via Satellite Tag, each of the dealerships were given access to our lead generation portal where they could securely access their potential customer’s data alongside their Touareg customisation preferences.


In this project

  • Creative Concept
  • Sales Kit
  • Software Engineering
  • UX
  • Lead Generation
  • Install & build skills