CeBit Sydney — the future of technology in business

CeBit Sydney was an event that showcased the future of technology in business, government and society through global digitisation. Featuring exhibits, conferences and networking, its aim was to bring together international experts to share ideas and innovations through digital transformation. Over 15,000 people were in attendance of the event over the course of 3 days in May.

Tech and Tag

Our role as a tech partner was to integrate the Satellite Tag platform to create a seamless conference experience - from registering, booking and attending to managing and disseminating event information.

CeBIT was a huge event and a great example of Satellite Tag offering a multi-faceted digital solution to creating and running a seamless event experience.

Registration and attendance made easy

The Satellite Tag integration for the event was called CeBIT Match. This included a mobile companion site allowing attendees to display their entry ticket, see what invitations they had pending, and help them find exhibitors and companies by using the online detailed floor plan. Plus they could also discover recommended speakers and exhibitors, enter competitions, be part of live polls, engage in Q&A sessions, give event feedback and search for real-time conference updates and information whenever they needed it.

Networking P2P

CeBIT Match was designed as a two way conduit between exhibitors and attendees – basically finding people that are looking for what you have to offer and vice-versa. Satellite also built a European connect portal for those who had travelled from Europe and VIP Connect for VIPs who were attending the event.

In this project

  • Satellite Tag
  • UX
  • Interface Design
  • Software Development
  • Event Technology