AUT Live

Satellite created a mobile companion site for AUT Live containing Open Day schedules, maps, contact information, travel and food information. Students who registered before the Open Day were sent their own personal site link. Students who arrived on the day could register on site and receive access to their mobile companion on the spot.


Knowing who was there on the day

On arrival to the open day, potential students were given a branded NFC wristband to use to check into programme sessions throughout the day. Satellite Tag recorded these check-ins, enabling AUT to understand who attended what, and also to send further information on the sessions they had attended to students at the end of the day.

The data

For the first time AUT were able to gain comprehensive information about who had attended their Open Day and what they had done whilst they were there. This resulted in a follow up Comms/recruitment plan to be initiated.

In this project

  • Design
  • Project Management
  • Event Training and Staffing
  • Data Management
  • Software Development and Testing