Hyundai — Hoof It, with Hayden Paddon atnbsp;Fieldays

In partnership with Hyundai New Zealand, Satellite was asked to collaborate on designing a ‘live action’ rally car experience. This unique activation ‘Hoof It with Hayden Paddon’ featured footage of the Kiwi rally legend with you edited into it — making it look like you were his co-driver. This was conceived as part of the Hyundai exhibition at Fieldays 2018 and done in conjunction with internal and external car footage provided by event company Uno Loco.

The mechanics behind it

If you chose, you could wear a provided official Hyundai racing suit, you then sat down in an actual seat from a rally car that faced a small monitor where you could see yourself sitting next to Hayden. The video of him driving was then projected onto a green screen behind you. And when the ‘race’ started you were prompted to act like you were in the car with him, to give the appearance of a live realistic rally video.

Once complete, you could view your 40 second ‘live drive video’ on the laptop and have a take away link for a copy of it texted to you.

Race day reactions

There were over 100 people per day that used the ‘Hoof it with Hayden Paddon’ activation experience. With the biggest day being over 200 jumping into co-drive.

Celebs who took the opportunity to have a spin with Hayden included Graham Henry, Al Brown, Sam Wallace and even Hayden Paddon himself, who jumped in to drive with um…himself.

In this project

  • Satellite Tag
  • Green screen effects
  • Editing
  • Software Development
  • Event Technology