Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War exhibition

Creating a fully interactive window into the past to educate a new, younger generation about the events of WW1.

As part of Auckland War Memorial Museum’s Pou Kanohi New Zealand at War exhibition, Satellite was tasked with creating a fully interactive window into the past to educate a new, younger generation about the events of WW1. This had to be presented in a way that was technology-led and featured easily digestible content, relevant to the world we live in today but respectful and true to the events of 100 years ago.

For later use, visitors would be able to save content that interested them via an emailed link or by activating a QR-coded My Collection card that they could register, and scan to access at a later date when needed.

Reading letters from the front line

Presented in the form of a letter wall - these were a series of deeply personal accounts of the everyday reality of WW1. This collection of heartfelt writings were the only way the brave men and women who served at the frontline could share their thoughts, feelings, fears and triumphs of their daily experiences with those most dear to them. Particularly aimed towards the younger school generation of New Zealanders, this was designed to be both an informative curriculum resource for the classroom and a rich collection of journeys told in words that were unedited, raw and extremely real as they were written.

Exploring Wartime Chronicles

The 2nd experience we created was an interactive multimedia timeline of the the war to end all wars, detailing significant events, locations, turning points, battles and more over the course of the war from 1914-1918.

Using a touchscreen display, visitors could choose to access defining events through a timeline or via location-based maps of the region during WW1. As part of this unique user experience, this was made available to be read in either English or Te Reo Māori.

My collection card

Utilizing either journey, visitors could choose to collect digital takeaway content through a linked email or by using their My Collection card.

We were immensely proud to have designed these experiences in conjunction with The Auckland War Memorial Museum to educate and share with New Zealander’s what life was like in WW1 100 years ago, by commemorating the past and sharing it with the future.

In this project

  • Creative Concept
  • Software Engineering
  • UX
  • Content curation
  • Embedded Devices
  • Install & build skills