Fonterra InSchool Programmes

KickStart Breakfast

Fonterra approached Satellite to create a new web application to manage all their school programmes in one place. It would enable participating schools to manage their own membership within the programme(s) they were enrolled in, and enable Fonterra administrators to manage the programmes.

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The solution

Satellite spent time exploring all the requirements, across the different in-school programmes, from both Fonterra’s administrative point of view and also from the participating schools’ needs and developed a solution that would bring all the requirements together as one point of truth for all in-school programme management.


Approximately 1,300 member Schools can log in to their respective portals to manage their membership(s), updating their school details such as school role, participation numbers, milk and Weet-Bix requirements, ongoing participation each term, and direct communication with Fonterra programme administrators.

Fonterra Administrators manage all Schools’ operations, including setting statuses, scheduling meetings, assigning tasks, reporting on participation rates, sending out surveys, triggering notifications and reminders, managing deliveries and publishing news and resources for Schools. The solution is successfully running Fonterra’s In School programmes into its third year.

Brand Guidelines

Kickstart Breakfast was ready for a new identity to compliment their brand new Content Managed website. Satellite worked closely with the amazing team at Fonterra who run the Kickstart Breakfast programme to understand what the programme and the brand means to them and their member schools.

Working Together

The InSchool Programmes portal is a business solution that embraces continuous improvement. The team of administrators at Fonterra use the solution as their primary tool to run the logistics of Kickstart Breakfast every day. Satellite and Fonterra meet weekly to discuss new features and enhancements and confirm requirements.

In this project

  • Functional requirements
  • Role based access
  • CMS website
  • Web application development
  • CRM capability
  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Brand development
  • Continuous improvement