Bringing Digital Innovation to a Sustainability Trail for MOTAT

When MOTAT were designing their new sustainability focussed gallery the aim was to inspire tamariki and their whānau to find sustainable solutions, at home, at school and within their communities.

How Satellite Helped

MOTAT approached Satellite to create a digital, immersive experience featuring a range of waste-reducing innovation and sustainable tech from around Aotearoa for their new exhibition called Switch Up.

The experience created was a digital trail of eight touchscreens spread across the exhibition culminating in an interactive surface in the Community Space.


The User Journey

As visitors entered through the waharoa (entrance) they were prompted to pick up a branded NFC enabled lanyard.
Tagging on at any of the touchscreens begins the trail.

When first tagging on visitors are shown a sustainability scenario/challenge, each different scenario features a character with a problem to solve.  

Problems are solved by collecting/combining three concepts from the exhibition. Once visitors have explored the exhibition and tagged onto three concepts they are prompted to enter the Community Space. Here visitors tag onto the screen where their selection is processed and the progress is added to that of other visitors by way of live data visualisations.

Group 6

Helping the Environment

The creative idea here being that individuals actions can and do contribute to a larger benefit for our environment. Visitors are then presented with the option to return their lanyard, improve their score in their current challenge or be assigned a new scenario to complete.

Satellite worked closely with MOTAT and their content partners to design and create the stories and the challenges with a clear view of the intended learning outcomes. Families and school groups can learn more about the impact of everyday decisions in a fun, engaging and immediate way.

Frame 4

In this project

  • Touchscreen Application Design
  • Unity Development
  • Live Experience Technology
  • Install, build skills & support 
  • NFC
  • IoT