Dinosaur AR Trail - Auckland Museum

To complement the awesome black Tyrannosaurus rex skeleton named Peter, Satellite were asked to create an augmented reality (AR) experience for Auckland Museum. This was the first AR experience at the Museum, and what better opportunity to amaze and impress their visitors than full scale dinosaurs hiding in plain sight!

A total of six dinosaurs were chosen for their variety in size and shape, and complimentary locations within the museum were selected to match the scale required to view them in all their full-scale glory. Each location had a plinth with a QR code prompting visitors to scan to reveal the surprise.

Visitors pointed their phone camera into the room to reveal the spectacular 3D models of animated dinosaurs. While walking around the models, they could also explore facts about that dinosaur on a handy flyout panel, and use the museum map to find where the other AR dinosaurs were located, all within the experience.

The project made the 6 o'clock news.


The brief was to have minimal barriers to entry, to make it as seamless as possible, so using 8thWall technology, we built the whole experience to run in a browser - no app to download and install. Just scan the code and you were into the experience.

Take photos of the dinosaurs, or record video with your friends and family right next to the huge reptiles, perfect for sharing on social media.

Satellite set up custom tracking events in Google Tag Manager to ensure the team at the Museum would have good visibility and reporting on how visitors were engaging with the experience and which dino was the most popular!