Share a Coke

The Share a Coke Phenomenon

Satellite has been a big part of Coca-Cola’s Share a Coke Campaign and its evolution over 10 years. We’ve created websites, mobile apps, real world activations, online games, e-commerce sites, digital signage, interactive billboards and AdShels, personalised merch and a range of just really cool experiences to bring Share a Coke to life.

In every country the campaign has been a success, because of the positive experience of connecting with friends – an essential and universal part of the human experience. It was a global phenomenon and we’re proud to have been a part of it.


A simple, local idea that went global

It was a simple idea – put 150 of Australia’s most popular names on the front of millions of Coca-Cola bottles. It was the first time in its 125-year history that Coca-Cola made such a major change to its packaging and the limited edition bottles and cans started to fly off shelves, as people searched for their friend’s names.

Satellite built a website for consumers to discover the 150 names, plus find an event close to them to get their hands on a personalised bottle.

Satellite helped Coca-Cola deliver plenty of firsts for the business.One of these experiences was Sydneysiders being able text their names and have them appear on the iconic Kings Cross Coke billboard.


Happiness Truck – Delivering Refreshment across Aotearoa

In the early days of Share a Coke, the Coke Happiness Truck travelled around New Zealand and Australia dispensing Coke at holiday hotspots. Satellite created digital kiosks in the truck for Coke Coke ambassadors to vend personalised Cokes to consumers so they could get their name on a bottle and take it away to enjoy.


Keeping it Chill at the Mall

From the beach to the mall, Satellite helped deliver refreshing Cokes to consumers all over Aeotora. Vending kiosks with click, create, and dispense app capability were set up in malls and shopping centres. Consumers were able to select their desired classic Coke or Coke No Sugar 330mL can and personalise it with a chosen name. Then have it dispensed for them to enjoy.

In supermarkets and retail stores, we gave Coke ambassadors a tablet to create a personalised label that could be attached to Coke bottles. Another further outreach of brand engagement to Share a Coke.


Grab a personalised Coke through e-commerce

As the Share a Coke campaign became a staple on the calendar, Coca-Cola soon got requests for weddings and parties and special occasions, or for names that weren’t printed on the limited edition cans and bottles. So to serve the people, we built Share a Coke e-commerce sites for New Zealand and Australia. The sites gave consumers the opportunity to buy and personalise a bottle (or more) online, wherever they were.

The website allowed staff to manage orders and fulfill Cokes to all over the country. Consumers were able to share a Coke with loved ones, friends and family whenever they wanted.


The Evolution to a Contactless Experience

In recent COVID times, the Share a Coke campaign adapted. More than ever people wanted to have connected experiences, but we had to do it differently. The personalised bottle was adapted to become a contactless experience. Consumers registered on a mobi-site to request the name they wanted, placed into a virtual queue and notified when their personalised bottles were ready for pick up – one for them and one for their mate to enjoy together.


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