Coke Shout Out AU/NZ/FIJI

As part of the wider Share A Coke campaign for 2021, Coke came up with the idea to Shout Out to a Mate. Utilising UGC in a promotion that would bring people together in a way that was both positive, uplifting and with sharing at its heart. Across three countries, Australia, Fiji, and New Zealand.

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Consumers were invited to record a short video of them doing a Shout Out to their friends, family, or special someone with a Coke via their selected device. This video would then be uploaded to the Coke Shout Out website and potentially chosen as a winner to be played out on Nationwide TV during an ad break. Essentially giving the winners ‘15 seconds of fame’ and a Shout Out to the whole country at the same time.

Satellite created a Shout Out microsite via a single platform and across multiple URLs, that delivered a simple UX journey. Allowing for a seamless process to get a video uploaded in as few steps as possible for the user. This was imperative to reduce high bounce rates from the site or incomplete submissions.

The upload page requested your details, who the shout was from and to and from where. You then had the option to submit a shout out you’d recorded earlier or record a live submission instead via an onpage webcam. Once uploaded your Shout Out was then entered into the draw and resident on the site


We built a backend moderation platform across desktop and mobile allowing 3rd party stakeholders to moderate video content and to view for judging shortlist entries.

We also managed campaign email communications, including talent release waivers, on-air times for users whose videos had been shortlisted and links of how to share a Shout Out through social channels.


  • Project Management
  • UX design
  • Website development
  • Copywriting
  • Content Management