A totally awarding experience

Volume grabs a GLAMi

Museum Tech at full Volume

Volume at Auckland Museum was a pioneering first in this country. A landmark exhibition, a visual, interactive and audio experience celebrating 60 years of all that’s so damn great about New Zealand music.

At Satellite we were humbled to be part of such a monumental achievement and equally chuffed to have a large hand in crafting an activation that gained international recognition for its innovation - picking up a coveted GLAMi award at the Museums and Web Conference 2017 in Cleveland Ohio.

We made that!

From our Spark All Access Pass tagging stations that gave users a seamless and engaging personal experience (including content they could take away with them) to the fully immersive Recording studio, where you produced your own version of Che Fu’s Classic, Fade Away with digi-time input from the iconic DJ Sir-Vere.

Here's a breakdown of how very cool it was to share our own passion for  this activation. Music is a big part of Satellite, it's where we started out in the business.

The Perfect Mix

Over the 7 month duration of the Volume exhibition around 200,000 visitors enjoyed this unique homage to Aotearoa's musical heritage.

So we guess you could say this proves that when the past and present collide with the technology of tomorrow beautiful music is made and well, the people listened.