MOTAT Aviation Hall takes flight

As part of a burgeoning partnership with MOTAT, Satellite was asked to help enhance their brand new Aviation Hall exhibition through digital storytelling that would immerse visitors using the capability of today’s touchscreen tech.

We were tasked with creating an interactive digital environment that provided multiple layers of rich media content and engagement to extend discovery beyond the impressive physical form of the actual planes in the exhibition.

What would success look like

To be successful our solution had to be easily accessible, impressive and of value to visitors.

It would embrace te ao Māori and mātauranga Māori (acknowledging the interconnectedness and interrelationship of all things, the way of perceiving and understanding the world), in harmony with the detailed history of New Zealand's aviation industry.

The solution could be extended and reused in a variety of locations, either elsewhere in the museum or for other exhibitions if needed.

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Future-proofed content management

As a scalable headless CMS, Contentful was integrated into the solution to manage the content. All the content used in the application was managed via Contentful and fed into the app via API enabling MOTAT to extend the featured content at any stage in the future and manage / edit the existing content in real time. This approach gave MOTAT the freedom and efficiency to takeover control of their digital experience, no longer requiring ongoing development to maintain things.

Immersive Storytelling

Using the vast and varied talents of our design and development teams we created a content rich solution that showcased 3D animated planes, interesting specs and facts, visual media elements from history, augmented pop out content and the ability for visitors to design, build, paint and compare a plane of their choosing.

This experiential digital solution was a successful example of how to extend a physical museum exhibition with complimentary digital storytelling, enhancing the whole experience with engaging, accessible and informative content.

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In this project

  • Software Design
  • Headless CMS
  • API integration
  • 3D modelling
  • 3D animation
  • Content curation
  • App development
  • Physical Install