Giltrap Group Westfield Activation

Giltrap Group Westfield Activation

Satellite worked with Giltrap Group to provide an omnichannel experience to introduce, connect and potentially convert prospective new customers to purchase from their extensive Porsche car range. We helped create an onsite immersive two-week activation situated inside Westfield Newmarket to execute these deliverables.


This activation was designed to draw people into the space and explore the Porsche range in an engaging, fun, and easy way.

The experience also had to be simple, fast, and reflective of the brand. This was to be achieved through the use of both small and large touchscreens that had the capability to generate quantifiable prospective leads who would in turn book a test drive onsite or at a dealership.


Hardware and software

Our team designed and built touchscreen applications that ran concurrently on a large 65” touchscreen and smaller 10.7” tablets situated within the Westfield activation space.

These ‘swipe and touch’ apps showcased a range of pre-selected Porsche vehicles that Giltrap wanted to highlight to potential customers over the activation period.

They enabled a user to deep dive into a specific model and explore detailed specs, relevant info, high quality video, 360o photos and an immersive view of user-selected model configuration change-outs.

Embedded within app functionality was the ability to send content from the small screen to the big screen for an enhanced viewing experience. A user could also save the content they were interested in, to take home for later viewing.

Book a Test Drive

Seamless lead generation was achieved by enabling users to book a test drive, directly from the app as well as providing a means for visitors to request further follow ups. All leads were fed directly into Giltrap’s CRM.


Mobile Companion

As support to the activation, we delivered a personalised mobile site that worked in conjunction with ‘take home’ user content. This was activated when a user requested more info via the tablet app or by scanning the onsite QR code.