Powerade Powerscore

In 2017 Satellite were engaged by Powerade Australia to design and build the technology solution for the Powerade Powerscore.

The program lets consumers work out their personal Powerscore from 4 different tests and then rate themselves against their peers and Powerade ambassadors.

The project spans website & activation technology - where the experience comes to life on an interactive course. 

How it worked

Consumers register online and enter their 4 test results. The website calculates the consumers Powerscore and ranks them in an online leaderboard.

Participants are also engaged through a grassroots programme, where test results are entered via a custom tablet application.

The experience culminates in an interactive physical course where competitors are tested and results captured real-time. Using NFC wristbands, the course ambassadors enter results directly into a large outdoor screen display.

Drag the device to see more of the image.

In this project

  • Design
  • Front and backend build
  • Software engineering
  • Installation
  • Integration
  • NFC
  • Mobile and tablet apps

Agency Partners

  • Maverick
  • UM
  • Ogilvy