Coca-Cola colour your summer

Satellite delivered the digital elements for Coca-Cola’s Colour Your Summer campaign in Australia and New Zealand in 2015. Coca-Cola produced a series of 6 limited edition coloured cans.

Satellite was charged with creating a digital experience using image recognition technology to allow consumers to take photos of the cans in different arrangements, and depending on the sequence of colours, unlock prizes and digital content.

The solution

Satellite developed a mobile site that let consumers take photos of the cans and immediately upload them. The site worked out if there were cans in the photo, and if there were cans, how many there were, what colour and what the sequence was.

There was 64,000 potential colour options that consumers could arrange the 6 cans in. Essentially the photo of the cans worked as a digital code. The system that worked out the colour codes was able to unlock the unique content within milliseconds and with great accuracy.

Extending the experience

In addition to the online experience, Satellite also developed a number of software applications for digital activations. This included a touch screen system that let consumers vend coloured cans from outdoor advertising displays and a game that could be played on tablets against a giant screen in malls.

In this project

  • Information Architecture
  • UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Image Recognition
  • Activation Software
  • Hardware Sourcing
  • Activation Installation
  • Technical Support 

Agency partners

  • UM / Ikon – Media agency
  • Ogilvy – Creative agency