OnceIt mobile app

Onceit is NZ ecommerce royalty, an online marketplace which has sold more than one million products, from 400 local and international brands since it launched in 2010. To keep pace with it’s ever growing loyal customer base, it was time for OnceIt to update their mobile app.


OnceIt have their own internal development team, whose primary expertise is the web app onceit.co.nz. They had developed their own API to support their initial native iOS app, but had realised they were limiting what they could improve in their iOS app by the resource and experience they had in-house. That’s where Satellite came in.

Working with the OnceIt Dev team, Satellite soon came to terms with the existing iOS project and agreed to what could be done to improve the design and functionality. OnceIt set about improving their API to support the new requirements, and we set about building the app to consume the API and deliver to the new requirements.

The result

Satellite delivered a brand new iOS app to the App Store, with an upgrade path for all the existing users. The new design looked sharp and the new functionality enabled better access to deals.

OnceIt were able to focus on what they do best - delivering their famous daily deals, and Satellite were able to focus on making sure their loyal iOS users were able to consume those deals with ease.

For all the Android users out there, your app is coming soon. Stay tuned!

In this project

  • 3rd Party Integration
  • Collaborative Software Development
  • iOS Design
  • iOS Development