Satellite helps Coca-Cola to figure out who has been naughty or nice this year!

Combining the power of users' social media behaviour and the fun of the Coke Nice-O-Meter, we helped Coca-Cola figure out who had been naughty or nice this year, as a way to help raise money for Youthline

The Coke Nice-O-Meter, is a specially built microsite that scanned people's Facebook profiles, to determine how naughty or nice they’d been.

The nicer they were, the more money Coca-Cola gave to Youthline.

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How it worked

The Nice-O-Meter was hosted within its own microsite. Once users had logged in through Facebook and given their permission, the Nice-O-Meter scanned their profile feed, looking at reactions on their posts.

The Nice-O-Meter would then deliver them a bespoke message with their result, plus a donation amount was then made to Youthline in their name, depending on how naughty or nice they’d been that year.

The result

The campaign was a huge success, with thousands of Kiwis logging in through Facebook to scan their feed to find out just how good they were this year. 

In just 7 days New Zealanders helped to raise a huge chunk of money for Youthline through the use of the Nice-O-Meter. Helping to lift Coke’s social profile & reminding everyone that “it feels good to give”

Project Skills

  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • API development
  • Facebook integration