Phantom Billstickers

Phantom had grown their business significantly over the years, to the point where their manual processes and workflows weren't able to keep up. Satellite was chosen to come up with a business solution to replace all their existing processes with a single cloud based system.

Through multiple workshop sessions we gained an understanding of how they operate their business, and working very closely with their key staff we collectively designed a solution to manage the end to end operation of running their business.

The requirements

Manage the poster site inventory, manage the products, manage the prices and rate cards, manage leads, quotes and invoices (integrated with Xero), manage customers, manage purchase orders, manage runsheets, manage users and manage reporting.

Phantom worked with Satellite to develop a bespoke inventory management and booking solution that has changed our business for the better and firmly cemented our position as a market leader. When you work with Satellite you get senior engagement, a solid solution and genuinely good folk who do what they say and stand by their word.
Robin McDonnell, Managing Partner

The solution

Satellite built a web based tool using open source technologies. The solution was optimised for fullscreen desktop use, maximising screen real estate and allowed staff to manage all aspects of street poster sales. The initial tool was developed as an MVP (minimum viable product) to enable Phantom to start using it as soon as possible.

Once the solution was live, Satellite worked closely with the Phantom team to prioritise features and enhancements and get them into production. The project has evolved significantly since the MVP went live as a result of this iterative improvement programme.