Radio's big night

Streaming the Awards online for the rest of the country

The NZ Radio Awards

What do you get when you bring together New Zealand's biggest personalities in a single room and offer them free drinks all night (keeping in mind these are people who're paid to talk for a living)? Actually don't ask!

Yes, it can only be the New Zealand Radio Awards.

Radio you say? How are Satellite involved in that?

Since 2009, Satellite have provided the online solution for radio stations to submit their entries for the awards.

How it works

All of New Zealand's radio stations have access to our online portal. Once a year they're asked to submit their best bits into various categories, to be considered by the judges. The system allows them to upload any kind of media format including video, audio, images and copy and store them against the right categories.

Once entries are in, Judges are invited to login to the system where they see all the entries they've been assigned to judge.

All judging is secure and only the site administrators can see who's judging what, and their decisions.

Live Streaming

For the last four years Satellite have also been involved in live streaming the event. Camera feeds are run directly into Brightcove, which compresses and encodes the footage on the fly and makes it available to embed on the Radio Awards website. For all those who can't attend the Auckland based awards night in person, they get to experience the event in real time.

It's just like the Academy Awards, sort of

And the winner is...