TAB Fan-Tastic Quiz Activation

Spur came to Satellite with a brief to create a “game show style quiz” for TAB at the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 at Eden Park in Auckland.

They wanted to get into the spirit of the iconic football event and create a real buzz within the activations space at Eden Park.

The idea

Satellite used their existing Quiz platform to build the multiplayer quiz experience using the creative direction from Pitch Black. Fans registered on an application to take part and were called up to play against three other fans!

Questions were a mixture of football and TAB themed multichoice questions. Those quick to answer and get answers correctly earnt points, with a winner at the end earning the most points overall.


The activation space

To elevate the quiz format to a game show experience, Satellite created an application for the MC to read out questions, see the correct and incorrect answers and manage the overall flow of the quiz. Each contestant had a screen that showed points earned and flashed in time with correct and incorrect answers.

To give it the wow factor on-site, we added buzzers for contestants to buzz to answer and a number of sound effects, plus configured LED lights to be in time with the game play - all adding theatre to the whole experience.


The result

The activation was live at Eden Park for the duration of the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023  - activating pre-match for fans to experience. As the tournament progressed, questions were added that were topical to results and matches. 

Thousands of fans walked through the activation space.

TRENZ img 5

In this project

  • Event management
  • Activation technology
  • Game Show Quiz
  • Set Design
  • Creative Design
  • Lighting
  • Live Experience Technology
  • Hardware Install, build skills & support