Cheers Beers!

Personalising a box of Speights to say thanks, using a seamless online shopping experience.

The time honoured tradition of shouting a box of beers to say thanks was taken to the next level when Speights approached us to create a way for people to personalise their box to not just say “Good on ya mate”, but to say anything they wanted.

We built Cheers Beers.

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The process

Creating a simple and painless experience was the key — buying a box of beers to say thanks couldn't become a complicated thing. Adding personalisation had to fit seamlessly into the online shopping experience. The solution was to turn the checkout process around and demonstrate how cool the personalisation was before they even added the product to their cart.

Users pass through an age gate, then get straight into personalising their gift. They add the name of the person getting the beers and a special thanks message. They see it reflected in real time in-situ on the label.

Once they’re happy with it, they add it to their cart, supply delivery details and checkout.

Custom eCommerce

Our specialised PHP Developers built the Cheers Beers website using Symfony3 (PHP Framework) as a custom ecommerce solution to meet the specialised needs of the project.

Taking the pain away

Satellite was also responsible for the logistics, running the whole operation for Speights. With a despatch set up in our Satellite Lab (for North Island orders) and another one set up at Lion HQ in Christchurch (for South Island orders), we receive the orders, process them and send them out on the courier.

Appreciate you have all been working really hard over the project to get this to hit live dates to timeline. Just wanted to say a big congrats and pass on some feedback from our Managing Director, Rory. "What an awesome site. So easy to use. I will get some done up for some of our key customers! Nice work."
Gen Brown, Speights Brand Manager

In this project

  • Website development
  • eCommerce
  • User centered design
  • Logistics