Mainland — a digital exploratory experience.

Mainland’s brief to Satellite was to encourage people to explore one, two or even three more products in their cheese and butter ranges.

Mainland is typically known for their award-winning Colby, Edam and Tasty cheese blocks. As Kiwis, we all know, and love them. But even we didn’t know when we embarked on this website redevelopment that there are in fact 27 uniquely flavoured Mainland cheeses, all made right here in New Zealand.

As well as 27 different flavours of cheese, most come in a variety of formats from your standard blocks, to small party-style blocks, wedges and sticks. This proved an interesting challenge for our UX team. Our approach was to ensure each flavour and format had its own unique URL and original imagery and content.

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Our specialised AEM Developers built the Mainland website on Adobe Experience Manager.

Our seven-year relationship with the Mainland team continues to grow. We love working with them to continue enhancing their digital experience. Visit the Mainland website

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In this project

  • Website development
  • UX design
  • Copywriting