Anchor Food Professionals

Fonterra’s Anchor Food Professionals brief to Satellite was to design and build a website that could scale for all its global markets, here in New Zealand and further afield.

Using Adobe Enterprise Manager's (AEM) multi-site functionality, real efficiencies were demonstrated with each of the market versions adopting the structure of the global parent site.

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Unique content strategy

The AEM multi-site functionality allows market sites to either inherit content from the parent site - staying in sync with changes made there, or can be detatched and managed independently on a page by page basis.

For Anchor Food Professionals each country used the AEM parent website design and template, however their content requirements were very different. Each had different products, and Brazil required their content to be translated into Portuguese.


Global markets

So far Anchor Food Professionals’ website has been rollled out across 11 different markets. If you’re in one of those markets, the solution uses IP detection to default to the correct local market version of the site. If you’re not in a location with a market site, the global site loads by default.

Users can also navigate between market sites from a selector in the footer.


In this project

  • UX Design
  • AEM Website development
  • Multi-site
  • SEO