Mix & Match

Mix & Match, was a new destination website created by House of Travel to give people a great platform to research and book travel with options from all airlines. Mix & Match was designed by Satellite to allow people to book as simply as possible... entering a destination, travel dates, then looking at the results to decide the best airline and price.

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Satellite worked with the House of Travel team to develop a loyalty mechanic within the website. As users navigate the site and complete searches, as long as they're logged in, they're collecting points for their efforts. Different levels of engagement generate different point values. Members get to use their points to enter into monthly prizes draws for great travel prizes. The more points, the more entries.

Mobile Apps

Satellite also designed and built native iOS and Android apps - offering benefits to customers like instant access to the latest deals, with push notifications, inbox messages and of course the simple travel search tools.


Satellite worked closely with House of Travel’s IT department to produce search results that were quick and accurate, and reflected the highest expectations so users would leave for their trip feeling satisfied that they’ve made an informed choice, and secured a great deal.

In this project

  • UX Design
  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile App Development
  • Loyalty