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TRENZ — NZ Tourism
virtual event platform

Satellite has worked with Tourism Industry Aotearoa (TIA) in the past on TRENZ event technology, however with the restrictions around international travel and physical events they have invested in a new virtual platform.


Traditionally, TRENZ brings together New Zealand tourism operators (sellers) with targeted international travel and tourism buyers, and media from New Zealand’s key established and emerging tourism markets. The event directly helps to grow New Zealand’s tourism industry. TRENZ Connect is the new way for New Zealand’s tourism industry to connect with our international marketplace. Online, anytime, anywhere. 

The solution is made up of two parts. The admin portal where organisations can complete their registration, complete and manage their page content and add delegates; and the TRENZ Connect website

Tourism buyers can connect with New Zealand tourism operators, media and sponsors, navigate through the regions and find all the products they need. They can also send messages to other organisations and participate in regional events. The latest travel trends and insights related to New Zealand tourism are available at all times.


Tourism buyers can get product updates and connect with operators at a time and place that suits them. The operators can keep their online listing up to date with latest product information.

Product information is always available and time zones are not a problem. Digital events customised to major markets enable buyers and sellers to meet virtually, in real-time.


Just like a physical TRENZ, businesses are able to request and confirm appointments with priority contacts. Appointment requests are managed within the TRENZ Connect platform, and a personal appointment schedule is created based on confirmed requests and matching criteria.