Coca-Cola Designated Driver

To encourage sober driving Coca-Cola (Coke) wanted to launch a free soft-drink programme for designated drivers.

Coke’s initial proposal was to reward sober drivers using a printable voucher mechanic – go online, print voucher and redeem. The intent was great, however to create a more seamless experience, it needed a technology solution. 

The team at Satellite worked to digitise the brief by developing a mobile voucher platform, making the programme more relevant and desirable, allowing Coke to track participation and redemption in real time.

Our tech solution

  1. User texts DRIVER to 345 to generate a text link (or clicks a mobile banner to launch the mobile site)
  2. Mobile site captures personal information and generates a personalised animated voucher
  3. The voucher is swiped by the bar, burning the voucher and in turn rewarding the person with a free Coke soft-drink

Note: this is no longer active

User Experience

The user experience (UX) strategy was to provide a real-time, seamless user experience - ensuring that as soon as they initiated this via text, their personal experience began.

Our goal: frictionless access to the promised free soft drink.


With a strategy of amplifying and illuminating this personal exchange, we developed the ability to share the redemption with the real world in real time.

Within bars at the key locations an additional layer sent the person’s first name to a spectacular Coke digital billboard in Federal Street and dynamically inserted data into the creative:

“Cheers to tonight’s Designated Drivers. Good on you [name]”.