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adobeYou’ve made an investment with Adobe Experience Manager. Satellite can be your partner to ensure that you maximise its potential. Adobe trusted and certified, we’re recognised by Adobe as being one of a handful of AEM full-service agencies in New Zealand. Take advantage of our strategy, design and AEM development capabilities to deliver innovative Adobe digital marketing solutions.

Satellite will get you up and running with minimal fuss so your organisation's content authors can be publishing new content in no time, without any assistance from IT.

Because Adobe Experience Manager integrates with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Shopify, bespoke database solutions and of course Adobe Marketing Cloud products, our internal New Zealand AEM development team has helped integrate AEM with multiple third-party systems and technologies on many projects.

AEM Development Capabilities

  • Infrastructure
  • UI/UX design
  • Custom development
  • Authoring experience
  • Third-Party software integration
  • Content migration

AEM Development with Live Copy to make authoring multiple sites simple

Adobe AEM has out of the box support to create and manage multiple market, or language versions of your site using AEM’s Multi Site Manager (MSM). Once the MSM is configured, managing the relationships between the different sites and controlling the reusability of content efficiently is fast, streamlined and effective.

How it works

It starts with a Blueprint which is the original site that stores the inheritance rules and content that all the Live Copies (sites created from the blueprint) will follow. Multiple live copies can be made from a single blueprint - for all your various markets. When an update is made to the blueprint, changes can be inherited by all the live copies based on the defined rules, ensuring that all the market sites stay up to date.

Adobe AEM component development to maximise code reuse

Components are the building blocks of AEM Content Management. During the planning phases of your project Satellite work closely with your project team to define the components you'll want to access while authoring your pages.

This planning will inform the design process so that once development begins your project will evolve quickly and will deliver to all your requirements efficiently.

The result is a library of components which can be dragged onto your page to build out the content that works for the type of page you're publishing. Some typical components are a header carousel to maximise beautiful imagery or a video player. Of course you'll have a text component, a call-to-action component or maybe a social sharing component, but the options are unlimited.

Components can also be configurable, allowing for display rules like editable background images or colours, positioning or specific font treatments.

Maybe the biggest advantage to component development is the efficiency gained from reuse. Once a component has been developed and added to the commons library, it can be reused over and over again to any project.

Adobe AEM with integration to Salesforce Marketing Cloud / Exact Target

Adobe Experience Manager integration with CRM solutions is a natural progression and a superior way to manage your customers and your content.

Integrating AEM with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, or other CRM solutions takes your marketing solution to the next level.

Satellite AEM developers can easily capture leads from AEM and store them in a Marketing Cloud data extension, enabling you to deliver highly relevant content back to your customers.

Adobe AEM development with integration to Shopify

If you need to combine the superior power of AEM content publishing with a market leading ecommerce solution, Satellite can integrate a Shopify store into your AEM solution, providing a win win for both your content authors and your online customers.

Your content authors can slip between managing products, inventory, special offers and transactions to publishing pages and campaigns with ease, and your customers will appreciate the ease of the Shopify ecommerce experience.

Adobe AEM development with database integration

Adobe AEM doesn't come with an out-of-the-box database - it's not part of the solution, but some digital projects need a database to fulfil the requirements. Typically you might need a database to manage user accounts for membership, with the requirement to store extra demographic information like age range, location or personal preferences. Satellite's AEM development capabilities can integrate your AEM project with a database to capture and store this data - and then integrate it with your mailing or CRM solution.

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