Warriors play dress up

TVC of the week on M+AD

Skycity — Vodafone Warriors

Our brief was to create two 30 sec videos celebrating the sponsorship relationship between SKYCITY and the Vodafone Warriors for play online (social) and on the big screen at Mt Smart Stadium.


We devised the creative and produced the videos. Embracing a comedic feel, each scene has a Warrior as a staff member – complete with full uniform - in a different part of the Skycity site.

Edited to music, with the tag line Skycity - Home of the Warriors, the videos have had a hugely positive response on Facebook and are TVC of the week on M+AD.

This is Satellite’s second Skycity-Vodafone Warriors commission after a successful video the year before.

In this project

  • Creative
  • Filming
  • Editing