Shooting stars

Live streamed

NZME launches iHeartRadio


Create internal and external content to launch iHeartRadio into the New Zealand market.


For the internal company launch we scripted and produced a video showcasing the talent from NZME presenting the iHeart proposition in a quirky but informative way.  We also produced a series of TVCs for broadcast and online.

For launch we were commissioned to interview Lorde and then film her first-ever full concert in New Zealand to a capacity crowd at Vector Arena. We created all the iHeart graphic elements for the big screens and produced the multi cam set up designed specifically to create a more contemporary look and feel for the concert, which we also streamed live.

We subsequently shot the Ed Sheeran concert followed by a Stan Walker concert  - all for iHeart. 

In this project

Scripting / Field and Multi Cam Shooting / Animation / Live Streaming / Editing

Bloodstains, ball gowns, trashin' the hotel room

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