Rocked The Nation

Countdown Shows covering New Zealand Music, Pop Culture and Sporting Moments

In 2008 Satellite conceptualized a journey through contemporary New Zealand Music via a countdown show. Over 6 x 1-hour shows, starting at number 100 we worked our way down to the number one NZ music moment that Rocked The Nation.

Following the success of the series, TV3 commissioned a follow-up series that counted down Pop Culture Moments and then our nation's top 100 Sporting Moments.

The Big Picture

From the original idea through to final delivery, the 3 series were in effect 100 mini-documentaries a piece.

Satellite researched all stories, tracked down and interviewed a vast array of commentators, sourced and licensed many hours of archive footage and crafted 100 narratives per series. Finding angles in well-known stories that hadn’t been seen before and unearthing new ones. We sourced a panel of experts for each series who ranked the moments which were then kept secret until the broadcast reveal.

The look and feel

In addition to the shooting of the three series, Satellite were responsible for the look and feel. From set design to show graphics for series 2 and 3. This included the opening and closing graphics and all baseline key styling.

Project Skills

  • Research
  • Archive and music licensing
  • Filming / Post-production
  • Graphics
  • Project management