MyCoke — Coca-Cola’s loyalty programme

Coca-Cola New Zealand tasked Satellite with creating an engaging new way to reward loyal COKE drinkers. Working co-operatively, we created an immersive website and mobile app experience that gave COKE drinkers a personalised and exclusive rewards programme.

The MyCoke rewards platform was developed as a place where loyal COKE drinkers could go for the chance to win exclusive member-only prizes.

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Users register/login online via the MYCOKE website and/or the iOS and Android apps. Using MYCOKE points (collected by entering unique codes from specially marked COKE products) they then use those points to enter the prize draws. This is a personalised and unique experience tailored to the individual. As every point earned = 1 entry. So the more points collected, the more chances they have to win. This encourages the desire to get more codes to earn more points to get more prize draw entries. Thus resulting in more re-engagement behaviour with MYCOKE.

Bespoke Content Management

From a content management perspective the MYCOKE platform was built as a bespoke CMS to meet very specific project requirements, allowing the team at COKE the flexibility to add and change prize draws as needed.

Tailored push and inbox notifications could also be sent to MYCOKE users alerting them to new and upcoming prizes draws and bonus point giveaways.

Reporting and Analysis

In addition the platform was designed with a reporting control room enabling Satellite to update Coca-Cola New Zealand with extensive reporting visibility, giving them valuable insights around participation in the programme e.g. number of points earned and from which products purchased, the popularity of certain prizes over others, and how often members were participating. This allows COKE to change and adapt to what draws are performing the best.

Project Skills

  • UX Design
  • Gamification
  • Loyalty
  • Frontend development
  • Backend development
  • API development
  • Native app development
  • Ongoing support & reporting