Yealands Energy

Data visualisation at its best. When Yealands installed New Zealand’s largest ever solar panel on the roof of their Marlborough Vineyard they wanted a way to show what that meant to their New Zealand and International customers.

Sustainability is at the core of everything Yealands does, and Satellite approached this project with a view to really push the user experience and encourage exploration of their sustainability story.

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How we did it

Satellite consumes a feed from the roof installation which records the solar data, we then visualise that data and how it changes in a consumer facing website Yealands Energy.

The data is supported by various solar facts and figures around how this impacts wine production and the contribution it makes to the national grid.

The complete solution

On the vineyard we designed themed skins for the solar container on site to continue the branding and awareness.

For the media launch Satellite installed touchscreens where guests could navigate the solar interface.

The website was honoured at the 2017 International Webby Awards.