Powerade Challenge

Take a couple of vending machines, add NFC scanners, put them out in scenic locations, have runners register online then supply them with NFC wristbands, put them all together and what do you get?

The perfect out-of-home brand experience, the Powerade Challenge.

How it worked

The Powerade Challenge course features on Auckland and Wellington’s waterfront and for the first time this year in Hagley Park, Christchurch. Runners (or walkers) register online individually or as a team, and are sent a NFC chipped wristband.

They scan their wristband at a scanning station (vending machine) to start their run — they run 5km to the mid-way scanning station. They scan in at half way and then run back to the start and do a final scan to complete the run. They are given their run time and rewarded with a free Powerade from the vending machine.

Runner’s times are updated to the website leader board. Digital signage on the course encourages runners with personal messages of support.

The Powerade Challenge mobile app

This year runners can opt to download either an iOS or Android app and use these to register and scan into the Challenge instead of wearing the NFC wristband. The apps also give the runner their history of runs and times (including their PB), visibility of the public leaderboard, information about the courses and a wealth of other features.

In this project

  • Design
  • Frontend and Backend build
  • Software Engineering
  • Embedded Electronics
  • Solar Power
  • Installation
  • Native App development
  • Content Creation
  • Planning and Consents